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We believe a garden is a place to relax, escape and enjoy whilst enhancing its surroundings and maintaining a visually pleasing aesthetic. With this in mind, our qualified professional team will work with you to provide a modern and unique garden to compliment your lifestyle.

Fair & Friendly LANDSCAPING

  • Sustainable Materials

    Where possible we always use high quality sustainably sourced materials from Australian owned companies.

  • Professional Standards

    At Greenscene we pride ourselves on providing a high standard through all our projects, safety is always on the top of our list!

  • Every Job is Personal

    From the very first point of contact with us you will deal with one person, from quoting through to completion. We pride ourselves on being available at any time to help with whatever need you may have.

profressional arborist services

Tree Health & Pruning

Protecting and enabling your trees to thrive in our changing climate can require pruning, fertilising, mulching & investigation. We can help improve the health & longevity of your trees.

Property Maintenance

We look after many large properties & can help implement strategies to keep your property under control, reducing fire risk, and making it easier for you to maintain.

Hazard Reduction

Although there is an element of risk with any tree, annual tree inspection and remedial works can reduce the likelihood of future failures.

Stump Removal

After a tree has died, or has needed to be removed, grinding the stump out completes the removal and makes room for future planting.

Arborist Reports & Consulting

We can assist you with your planning applications and help guide you from design to implementation.

Tree Removal

Although no one likes to remove trees, it can sometimes be unavoidable. We operate in the safest, most efficient way whilst protecting your garden and property.

Arborists You Can Trust

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